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it is timE to gEt up

前者正确,后者it's time for doing sth是错误的。 It's time to get up正确, 后面是get up不定式, for要加ing形式。


前者正确,后者it's time for doing sth.

It is time to get up 请采纳

原文全文如下: "It's time to get up!" "cries a mother as she tries to get everything ready for her child "Oh? Is it already Time For School?"...

朋友,句子是 It's time to get up, Wendy. ================== Wendy是人名【温蒂】 It's time to do sth是词组,该做啥事情的时候了 所以句子意思是 【温蒂,该起床了】

该起床了 get up v. 起床 既定词组。。。 it's time for sth.. It's time to do sth.. 如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

Its time to get up now 现在是起床的时候了 1 By now the alarm is ringing and it's time to get up. 但是现在闹钟响了,是起床的时候了。 2 Zip: It's time to get up now. Look! What time is it? 现在该起床了。看!现在是什么时间?。 3 N...

it is time for him【to get up】 句型结构:it is time for sb to do sth该是某人做某事的时间 祝你开心如意!

A 试题分析:get up起床; stand up起立,站立;put up提供,举起;set up建立,装配.句意:醒醒,丽丽.该起床了,否则你就要上学迟到了.结合语境可知选A.点评:解答此类题型的要点是了解各个短语的基本含义及用法的不同,同时注意其表示多个含义的现...

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