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It has been estimated that smokers have made up half of the population in China. And the smokers are becoming younger and younger, even ineluding some middle school students. Nowadays more and more people have realized smoking ...

应该是“This train is a non-smoking train", 因为non-smoking是形容词性词组,no smoking 是祈使句,不是形容词性词组。

Don't smoke 没有错,但是否可用要看语境和上下文。 No smoking 禁止吸烟 是祈使句(见下) 祈使句有几种,其一是表示劝阻的句式 句式通常是「请勿……」或「禁止……」 。 例如: Go and wash your hands. (去洗你的手。——命令) Be quiet,please....

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