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It has been estimated that smokers have made up half of the population in China. And the smokers are becoming younger and younger, even ineluding some middle school students. Nowadays more and more people have realized smoking ...


应该是“This train is a non-smoking train", 因为non-smoking是形容词性词组,no smoking 是祈使句,不是形容词性词组。

no king 网络 非国王; 无君; [例句]The chief priests answered, We have no king but Caesar. 祭司长回答说,除了凯撒,我们没有王。

Don't smoke!


For many years, governments have tried to reduce smoking by taxing tobacco, running advertising campaigns and putting warnings on packets. Recently,...

be happy to be healthy 快乐健康You should say no to smoking and drinking. 你应该对吸烟与喝酒说“no”。

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